Welcome to the Park

Everything you need, on one property

Tropical Gardens is a beautiful RV park located in Bradenton, FL. We have everything you need to live whatever retirement lifestyle you choose. Enjoy calm and easy days in the sun, or take advantage of our fun amenities and eventful parties!  We also keep our grounds immaculate so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Nature’s Paradise

The Grounds

The grounds at Tropical Gardens are full of palm trees and other greenery. Your eyes will constantly be taking in the beautiful colors that are offered by our immaculate Florida landscape. Enjoy the more naturistic components of the park, while also being close to the tropical landscape of the beach.


spend your best years

in paradise

Paradise is an understatement. Tropical Gardens is named for its mixture of tropical scenery with a naturistic spin. Our park features Pull Thru sites that are paved concrete platforms with plenty of room and a picnic table provided. The onsite amenities are endless, from indoor recreation to outdoor recreation, as well as the nearby attractions. At Tropical Gardens you will spend your best years in whatever way you choose, but rest assured it will be a paradise!


Once you get to Tropical Gardens you won’t want to go inside! Our outdoor amenities are plentiful and there’s alway something to do. The pool and recreation areas are always buzzing with neighbors, so meeting new friends is part of the outdoor scene at Tropical Gardens. Our property is clean and the scenery is beautiful, so a quiet walk through nature can be enjoyed anytime. Some of our favorite outdoor amenities include: .

Heated Swimming Pool


Paved and lighted streets

Walking distance shopping

Centrally located


Hot days in Florida can make the indoor amenities a top pick for our residents as well! Whether you just want a large space to cook a good meal, or you want to attend an event like bingo, we have all of the indoor amenities you need. Doing laundry on site is also easy with our full service laundry room. Some of our favorite indoor amenities include:

Planned activities

Spacious club house


Billiards and darts

Gated community