Social Eatery & Bar takes an inventive and original approach to traditional Italian-American comfort food that emphasizes the use of fresh-made and local ingredients.

For generations, Italian food has been amongst the most popular, if not the most popular, food in America. Today, those who dine at fine restaurants of every type continue to enjoy classic cuisine, and still demand creativity from the chef. Yet there is a new dynamic, an almost primal yearning for food that is healthy, fresh, local, delicious and fun.

Social Eatery & Bar hopes to combine our love for classic Italian comfort food with our desire for fresh and local ingredients. We try to accomplish this by merging Italian-American classics like pizza and meatballs with fresh locally-grown vegetables and fruits, local meats that have no hormones or antibiotics, and fresh-made pasta. By emphasizing local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, and taking a creative and innovative approach to Italian-American cuisine, we hope to provide unforgettable cuisine at reasonable prices.

Yet these values and ethics do not just pertain to our food. Our cocktail and specialty drinks make use of local fresh fruits, juices, preserves and jams like no other bar in town. Although there is nothing particularly Italian about our specialty drinks, or the variety of craft beers we have on tap, they are nonetheless extraordinary. Our goal in creating such a restaurant which features this new approach to Italian comfort food, as well as incredible specialty drinks and craft beers, faced one last challenge and final hurdle. We had to find and/or construct a truly unique space. We believe that we have exceeded all expectations in these regards, and have created a visually stunning and varied setting that offers diners a wide range of different but unique experiences.

1219 1st St, Sarasota, FL 34236

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